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      Shanghai Trofilung Gearing Machinery Co., Ltd. engages in high new research and manufacture of driving devices . Our productiong technology and market share rank the leading position in china. Our products used with main machines,have been exported to Southeast Asia,Europe and America. Oure main products include WB series mini cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer, X and B series cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer, RV worm gear speed reducer, MB series planetary friction type stepless variator, R series bevel gear speed reducer,S series bevel gear worm speed reducer, F series parallel axis bevel gear speed reducer, K series angular gear speed reducer, and T series helical bevel gear commutator.
      Our products are made through integral modular design and new work-manship,fulfilling electromechanical integration. There are then thousand types of different combinations available to meet different demands of users.
      Our products are widely used in petrochemical industry, metallurgy, mining, environmental engineering, food package, brewery and beverage machines, pharmaceutical equipment, wood processing equipment, ceramic machine, hoisting and hauling equipment, tobacco machine,3DM parking equipment, rubber plastic machine, and production line, etc.
      We will observe the tenet of excellent quality and perfect service to continuously pursue new technology of reducer and provide high quality driving devices for china automatic industry conveying equipment.
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